Arya Samaj of Long Island
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The Ten Principles of Arya Samaj

1. God is the primary cause of all true knowledge and of all objects known through their means.

2. God is the Supreme Master of the universe. God exists eternally. He was never born and never dies. God is supreme consciousness, and bliss. God is formless, omnipresent, omniscient, just, and compassionate. God alone is worthy of prayer and worship.

3. The Vedas are the texts of all true knowledge. Reading, teaching, listening, and spreading its message is the foremost duty of all Aryas.

4. An individual should always be prepared to accept the truth and reject untruth.

5. All activities should be done according to the tenets of Dharma, after due reflection of truth and untruth.

6. The ultimate goal of this organization is to promote the welfare of the entire world, improving the physical, spiritual, and social conditions of humanity.

7. Our interactions with others should be done lovingly, according to the appropriate codes of Dharma.

8. We should eradicate ignorance and promote knowledge.

9. We should not be only satisfied with our personal progress, but should consider the progress of others also.

10.Everyone should abide by social laws that are beneficial to all. However, we should exercise freedom of choice in the rules of personal welfare.