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Kids Corner
ASLI Children Havan Group

Children Havan Group is the pride of the Arya Samaj of Long Island (ASLI) and a vivid representation of dedication to Vedic values. Through Havan ritual, spiritual discourse, interaction and public speaking activities, vision is to meet the social and spiritual needs of our youths in simplest & contemporary manner.

Program is structured and organized by youth lead Ojas Chaudhary.  Well thought out topics are taught and various aspects of Vedic education are discussed. Along with performing havan, children of all ages including young kids and teens practice Meditation and Yoga Aasanas. 

Every month, a single aspect of Yamas & Niyamas with details are shared with kids and parents for study, research and discussion, children talk about it during open mic session in monthly program. Parents always enjoy the overall program and support the initiative as well as contribute to program. As always Havan/Yajna rituals are exclusively performed by children under Acharya Darshanand Ji supervision.

Children Havan program has extended its engagement into enrichment program too.  Music teaching classes are conducted and taught by Gita Setia (a renowned TV Anchor & Professional Singer).  After organized classes and practices, kids get to perform at various social events and Arya Samaj Annual Fund Raiser which boost their confidence and talent.

The group meets every first Sunday of the month. Contact Ojas Chaudhary - Program Coordinator (# 516-666-1474) for program details.

Ojas Chaudhary    Priya Mukhi

Amita Chaudhary    Veer Mukhi    Rajeev Chaudhary