Arya Samaj of Long Island
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About Arya Samaj of Long Island
With an objective to extend the Vedic Heritage for the benefit of Hindu Community at large, Arya Samaj of Long Island Inc. was formed on June 17, 2006. Some of the active members of the Havan Groups operating in Nassau and Suffolk counties of Long Island, New York helped in its formation.

Swami Bodhanand Ji Saraswati an eminent scholar of Vedanta very kindly blessed the inauguration function and delivered a talk on Vedic Heritage and its Relevance to Modern Times. This function was attended by most of the prominent leaders of the Indian Community in Long Island.

The main objectives for which this corporation is formed are:

To organize, form and establish a Hindu temple

To encourage and promote the study of the Vedas and other religious works and teachings

To perform and conduct prayer and worship services

To teach, practice and conduct religious rituals and ceremonies

To foster, advance and promote the practice of the religious beliefs of the Hindu faith

To organize and conduct religious discussions among the members of this corporation and with other individuals and religious groups

To increase, foster and advance the understanding of religious principals and ideals among others belonging to different faiths

To create and establish programs to further such principles and ideals

To stimulate interest in and foster the religious development of people seeking such instructions

To endeavor to inculcate and maintain high moral and ethical standards in men and women of all ages

To engage in charitable activities and service to benefit the community

To foster a spirit of friendship and benevolence among all people and generally to advance and promote, in word and deed, the spiritual and material welfare of the congregation and its members.